2. Commercial Design

We have included a variety of spaces which we have designed which vary from office spaces, fast food spaces, schools, cabinetry for a shopping center island sales.  This is just a small sample of what we have been involved in.

 All designs are copyright to Design Ino 

A conference / meeting room with a whiteboard as a feature to the wall. Giving the room space. Storage of documents was an issue so creating storage was an important part of the space. The small meeting room also required a small kitchenette.
A wall that captures the essence of the business but also directs clients to a boardroom that flows on from this wall with a modern and contemporary feel.

ybr 1
Curved entry to manager and office space for five operators. The curve helped soften the space and create direction within this small office space.
ybr 2
Creating an image of professionalism is important in an office space. Clear lines and individual spaces helps create unity and mood to the space.
Creating useful space and layouts for a small office is important as every area should have a purpose and allow the client to be able to work in the spaces comfortably without falling over each other.
This 3D view shows how we connected the small office area with the managers office where the manager could foldaway the glass panels and be part of the workspace or if required some privacy could close off the glass panels and create an office.
A practical and yet elegant design allowing for customers to browse but allowing the client to have space to help. This design works well within the shopping center passages and adaptable to match in with the styling required by the center.
A sandwich bar renovation to create the new image for the business without having to begin again with a completely new shop. These 3D views helped the client visualize the new space and how to update the original concept to create the new vision.
Upgrading a commercial property does not mean ripping everything out and starting again. Just a bit of clever design review with light and dark can create a totally new space.
Introduction to a High School – the entry looks like professional offices giving a great impression for the Adolescent program as any person coming into the space feel like the school is serious about the children moving from the junior school program to the more focused and adult style of environment.


The Meeting Room – this is located in the entry space and is unlike most meeting spaces with no round table and chairs in site. The room is more like a formal lounge with a coffee table that rises up to create a table to use for writing notes. This allows for a more open and honest discussion space giving a much more mature and relaxed feel.
The Art / Science space – this has been designed to be a multi-use space from art to science to a lunch room. It is easy to keep clean and has two tables and stakable chairs so it can be adapted to work for the project being reviewed. The glass walls are used as white boards for the space.
Observation windows – transparency and observing is what this school is very aware of so anyone entering the reception space can view what is happening in the classroom without interfering with the teaching and learning that is happening in the space.
The Words – creating an environment that is focused on learning is what Marie Montessori has always supported so as you leave the high school you are left with some words that inspire.
The Learning spaces – there are a number of practical ideas put in place in the two large classroom spaces. One is the writable wall which allows a number of students opportunity to sketch and talk about ideas together with others. There are also electronic white boards, lounge chairs, dining tables and desks. Allowing for a variety of areas for learning.


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