Residential Design

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Contemporary entertainment allowing a stage for creating beautiful food in an open plan environment

Resort style living – creating a reversible space – allowing the room to be used for business but being able to convert it back to a residential bedroom.

Adapting a space to change for the client when entertaining or just being alone in the environment. Creating a moving table top that can move in different angles depending on the view and the company.


Bath in style and create the romantic mood to the space with use of lighting and curved elegance.


Beautiful bedrooms calm and relax you. Soft furnishings and beautiful wallpaper finish off the space creating the romance a main bedroom should command.

view from dining

Adding colour can create a great atmosphere to a large open space and give it some personality. This layout allows for a large or small group of people enjoying the space and not feeling our of place.


Outdoor living should be encouraged in a beautiful climate. The alfresco area is a great space to do it in – allowing for the opportunity to use lighting to create the atmosphere.

Entering a home from the lower level can become interesting with a few curves and wall paper enhancements – defining a journey or path

Creating interest with an existing stairwell to create a mood through nature

A multi-use bedroom – wonderful for teenagers

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