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Create a home for you

    Your home is an expression of who you are now. Design each room in your home so it is comfortable and has a look that works with your own taste and habits rather than trying to copy a picture in a magazine. This is your home and you are going to be living […]

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Let’s create round kitchen designs …

The hub of the home – the kitchen.  Making it a great place is so important and yet we still keep going back to straight and uncomfortable layouts. The circular kitchen or kitchens with curves are great for entertaining, and a feature inviting discussion. They are extremely practical as have no hard corners or barriers […]

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A modern lobby for a gymnasium

Have you ever wondered why most gymnasiums have a large reception desk, usually unattended, and members clock in on the computer scanner.  New members join via internet or are welcomed by an instructor and invited into a visitors room.  Why waste space in the lobby area with an obstruction? We recently completed a project where […]

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