Fall in love with your home all over again

Do you feel overwhelmed and unsure of what else you can do to make your home look more like the magazines you browse or create the mood you are longing for?

If you could find out what you tend to be drawn towards and find your individual style to help you create the amazing home, you so deserve – how good

would that be?

Paula Jacobs, a professional interior designer has helped many of her clients to find their personalities and styling to utilized the spaces to create a lifestyle that works for them.  

All homes have a heart beat that is true to the people living in the spaces and this can be seen in any home you visit.  Everyone is individual and no home is the same.  Ms Jacobs has found that most of us just want to make our spaces comfortable for us and how we live and find it hard as there is so much pressure to have the latest style or fashionable layout in the home.

Raj and Anne came to Ms Jacobs with a major renovation of an existing home and after reviewing the home and using her personality and styling analysis Ms Jacobs has developed over several years, she found that they loved entertaining but also wanted to enjoy the home when not entertaining.  They also liked to have a modern classic styling while enjoying a relaxed lifestyle.  For example, Anne wanted a kitchen that allowed guests to help themselves to drinks, hot or cold, without interrupting her enjoyment of cooking so these two areas were created to help her achieve this.  Raj loved natural materials with a modern twist so a curved island bench and cabinets were created to accommodate his style into the home.


After helping clients to take control of their homes and create beautiful spaces that match their personalities Ms Jacobs has some tips for those wanting to put the love back into the home.

  • Find out what you are attracted to by creating a scrapbook of ideas, either on your tablet or a traditional scrapbook / file.
  • Listen to your heart not your friend / neighbour / family – this is your space.
  • Don’t be scared to re-invent spaces, just because it says dining room on a plan does not mean you must use it as a dining room – it could be a home study / business space or even a second loungeroom.

Living a life that rings true to your heartbeat is so important to help you stress less at home.

If you want more tips on how to create the a beautiful home you deserve feel free to email Ms Jacobs and receive her “How to create beautiful spaces in five easy steps” on: paulaj@designino.com or if you would prefer to meet her in person she offers an introductory service for new clients offering them the opportunity to experience how a professional interior designer can help create the dream.