Downsizing does not mean you have to do without…

One of our clients had moved from a large 4 bedroom home in suburbia into a 2 bedroom and study unit overlooking the ocean. What they needed to know was – Can they create the lifestyle they had become accustomed to within this small apartment?   The view was amazing which is what took their breath away when looking to buy this property but the layout did nothing to enhance this amazing view or match the lifestyle of the 4×2 home.
Paula, as professional interior designer found out about their personalities (via a word personality program she has developed) and styling (through a series of questions she had created over the years) and felt they had not downsized but had moved into a space that could be utilized a lot better to their lifestyle than the big 4 bedroom home in suburbia.
IT was the perfect match – any more space would have been a waste.
original layout with carpet and no views.
The only problem  with the apartment was the original layout – which needed to be managed to work with the lifestyle the clients were used to.
The original layout had a wall blocking the view of the ocean as you entered the space rather than allowing the ocean to be the picture / sculpture.  There were lots of odd spaces that had no purpose (perhaps due to the unusual angles created by the walls) but needed reason and so a number of social spaces within the open plan living were created.
With a bit of tweaking a new kitchen was developed that had a curved top helping your eye to travel toward the view when entering and also allowed our clients to entertain with ease of use and allowing them to chat to everyone in the space from the kitchen.  A real hub of the home… it had lots of storage space and allowed for a bar fridge on the opposite side of the bench (from a traditional kitchen) for easy access to the dining space.
The whole home changed to allow all spaces to have a purpose and reason … nothing was wasted.  Even the bedroom which was narrow but had a great view was reviewed and designed to create a comfortable luxury feel with a spa bath as part of the room rather than trying to separate it into the ensuite space.

The lifestyle challenge was not only to make the spaces work while entertaining but also have it feel like a home that two people could enjoy during the week. A place to come home to… this was easily achieved due to the definition of the spaces as each space had purpose and the open plan started to feel comfortable for them and also comfortable to have a party. What more could you ask for… with the optional extras (Cherry on top) of:

Final layout with views reflected into mirror and a more social space
The curved island draws your eye toward the ocean views.
  • a secure block of units – so even going away has become an easy option for them
  • Swimming pool and gym available for use
  • The beach at your doorstep
  • Restaurants close by
  • The city also a stones throw away
Who would not want to downsize ….
By: Paula Jacobs
Design Director