Interior Design Psychology

Today more than ever our home should go beyond survival and into a space that creates well-being and good health both mentally and physically.  With the world we live in today it is hard to find time to help ourselves and sometimes just having a home that can create this for us is all that is needed to begin creating balance in the areas you can control away from work and keeping yourself fed and watered. This is where Interior Design Psychology comes into the picture as defined by Wikipedia – Interior Design Psychology… is a direct study of theRead More

What Style are YOU?

We live in a world defined by fashion and driven by big business but when we get home – our environment our space should be about us and not driven by what others say it should be.  This is your down time space away from the world and it’s stresses.  Your home is about you and your family. We help you define Your Style  through a word finder that helps us help you to see what it is you are drawn toward when it comes to your home.  For example you may find natural products and colours are more youRead More

Fall in love with your home all over again

Do you feel overwhelmed and unsure of what else you can do to make your home look more like the magazines you browse or create the mood you are longing for? If you could find out what you tend to be drawn towards and find your individual style to help you create the amazing home, you so deserve – how good would that be? Paula Jacobs, a professional interior designer has helped many of her clients to find their personalities and styling to utilized the spaces to create a lifestyle that works for them.   All homes have a heartRead More

Downsizing does not mean you have to do without…

One of our clients had moved from a large 4 bedroom home in suburbia into a 2 bedroom and study unit overlooking the ocean. What they needed to know was – Can they create the lifestyle they had become accustomed to within this small apartment?   The view was amazing which is what took their breath away when looking to buy this property but the layout did nothing to enhance this amazing view or match the lifestyle of the 4×2 home. Paula, as professional interior designer found out about their personalities (via a word personality program she has developed) andRead More

A New Year begins another year ends

It is amazing the power of time and how we celebrate another year ending and look to the future with hope and make new year resolutions … how many times do we make lists of what we can do better and then the year passes by and nothing comes of those positive ideas and possibilities.  This reminds me of what happens in your home. So I have a suggestion – yes only one suggestion … focus on only ONE thing.  It is amazing how it takes the stress away- lists can be so stressful and can cause you to focusRead More

How to de-stress your environment

Stress is a major concern in western society at the present and I find a large part of what I do is help my clients to review and revisit who they are and what they are about so they can start to create the spaces around them to enhance and encourage them to become who they have always been. Taking away the stress of what they can and cannot do is so exciting for me as I see them transform into the spaces they create and find them enjoying the process.