Dreams to reality

22494649_xl  Do you need help creating your reality … why wait let us help you.  Sometimes that is all it takes to make a dream a reality … take the first step and start enjoying your home.

Packages offered to our valued clients

creative-word-collageWe offer a number of packages to meet our clients needs :
Decorating Packages
Design Packages
Shopping Packages
Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry Packages
and custom packages to meet your requirements

Allowing you to not go over your budget and no surprises. How good is that…

The Heart of your home

_IGP1152 PhotoMail Image 72-222-1Where is the heart of your home… Most say the kitchen but is it really the heart—is this where you spend your time relaxing and chatting with the family.  Perhaps we need to redefine the heart as the area that beats to the drum of your family… it may be the outdoor alfresco or the open plan living including both the loungeroom and dining space while the kitchen becomes part of this space.  Some find the TV room / Games room a space that is more about there family than the kitchen which is either Mom or Dad’s space.

With this in mind perhaps we should review how these areas are designed to cater for the lifestyle you are after.  Perhaps better use of furniture placement or the colour of the spaces may make it more friendly for the family.

Movable SpaceRemember you want to create a lifestyle that works for  you—this may mean redefining rooms away from there original use into something that works for you.  For example the formal lounge room may change into a play room for the kids.  You may swap the dining room and lounge area as this works better for your lifestyle.  Just because the builder / architect has defined spaces on a plan does not mean you need to follow their direction if it does not work for your lifestyle.

Paula Jacobs—Design Director


Giving your space some colour


The design of this residence enhances the “sea change” lifestyle.  It takes on board the connections between the client, the interior and the exterior to reflect the client’s lifestyle and create a multi-sensory experience.

We modified the layout, colour, spacial management and functionality of the home to help create this experience.  The original architectural plan created a modern lifestyle providing views and creating volumes to enhance the sustainable use of the space. Our project developed further these thoughts by modifying the spaces and making them more functional and aesthetically appealing.

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